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Why the 5 star boutique hotel in Sukhumvit is a great venue for business meetings

Most 5 star hotels have unique amenities and facilities that attract people from different countries across the country to hold business meetings. If you go for a business conference far from home and spend a few days out there, you should spend in a hotel with classy accommodation and exceptional facilities. When business people organize for business meetings outside the country, they consider meeting in places with elegant hotels such as the 5 star boutique hotel in Sukhumvit. This hotel has attractive services and facilities like:

5 star boutique hotel in Sukhumvit

Business boardrooms

If you are meeting with your colleges for business deals, the 5 star boutique hotel in Sukhumvit has all the privacy and comfort you need for that. The hotel has special sound proof conference rooms with functional air conditioners to maintain a friendly environment with fresh air always. Many people don’t like discussing or disclosing their new business plans at the hearing of uninvited parties. The sound proof rooms gives you the opportunity to use sound magnifying devices without worrying that someone outside might hear you.

Free Wi-Fi

With adequate internet in the hotel, guests and other visitors can easily access information from websites and also interact with the friends and relatives they left at home. It is common to find guests and visitors in such hotels trickling in with their tablets in their armpits or laptops in their traveling bags. What this means is that the internet in their hotel of choice would serve their meeting agendas better. The internet in this hotel also benefits entrepreneurs who come for business conferencing forum where business professionals in a different country would address them. This may not be possible without internet to facilitate Skype connections and video conferencing.

Coffee and tea making mugs

The service providers in this hotel provide their guests with coffee and tea making utensils to make hot beverages at their own convenience. It is not like in other hotels where tea and coffee is only available in the morning and evening. With these electric mugs, you can make tea or coffee late at night if you want. To many people, tea and coffee are important in stimulating their mind especially when handling brain-engaging tasks. Those who have been in the 5 star boutique hotel in Sukhumvit before admit that it is a place worth visiting again.

Leisure units

The hotel has different leisure facilities that make lives of the guests awesome and exciting. After your long-hour business meeting, you can enjoy leisure activities such as sauna, Jacuzzi, gym, massage treatments and steam bath among others. This would rejuvenate your body and mind and regain energy for your next participation. The service providers here believe that a relaxed mind is a great source of lucrative ideas.

Car wash services

Many business people and diplomatic guests look for places with appealing services with cost not being a major consideration to them. It is evident that such diplomatic guests and prominent business people drive expensive and classy cars in such great meetings. Since they rarely drive dirty cars, washing them using pressure or water is a daily routine to them. For this reason, the car washing facility in this hotel becomes an enticing facility because their cars stay clean always.

Accommodation Options in that are Designed for the Comfort of the Whole Family

If you are planning your next holiday tour, you could consider the popular southernmost community of Sunshine Coast, Australia, namely Caloundra. You would be enthralled by the stunning natural beauty, pleasant weather, vast beaches, crystal clear water of the sea of Caloundra. Never worry about the accommodation as you can rent holiday homes Caloundra wide at an affordable rental. Visit the town during the festival season to celebrate the popular ‘Christmas in Caloundra’.  Enjoy varieties of mouth watering menu in the Bulcock Street. The local musicians will entertain you with pleasant music.

rent holiday homes caloundra

Improved facilities for tourists:

With so many exclusive features, it is no wonder that Caloundra is one of the popular tourist spots on the map of Sunshine coast, Australia. In order to cope with the increasing number of tourists, the Government of Australia has also started a new project called ‘revitalizing Caloundra’. Under this project, several wonderful parks, cycle paths, and several community facilities have also been set up for the convenience of the tourists.

Accommodation at convenient locations:

For the convenience of the tourists, you can also rent holiday homes Caloundra wide at the various popular beaches as well as at various other strategic locations of Caloundra. In fact, some of the hotels, resorts, and service apartments are located at a walking distance from the beach. In addition to this, you can also find accommodation within the Caloundra town.

Accommodation strategically located:

When you rent holiday homes Caloundra offers, you will be happy to know that they are designed keeping in view the comfort and convenience of the tourists. For example, the design and location of the accommodation are such that you can view the surrounding natural beauty even from the bedroom, kitchen and dining room of your hotel or resort.  Thereby you would enjoy every minute of your stay in Caloundra.

Save on rental:

Since the recent past, there has been a considerable increase in the demand for accommodation in Caloundra. Despite this increase in demand for accommodation, many of the hotels, service apartments and resorts offer reasonable discounts on the rental. To avail this facility of discount you may make use of exclusive sunshine coast holiday specials offered for an exclusive class of accommodation.

Exclusive holiday deals:

Normally, the sunshine coast holiday deals are dependent on the type of accommodation you have chosen, facilities/utilities available in the accommodation, duration of your stay, a number of guests in your group and so many other factors. As a part of the holiday deal, some of the hotels may offer you free breakfast or discount for lunch and so on.

Every facility made available:

The accommodation in Caloundra provides every facility and comfort required by the tourist. For example, the sunshine coast holiday rentals have comfortable furniture, television, computer, air conditioner, spacious bedrooms en-suite, fully equipped kitchen, sufficiently furnished balcony and so on. Some of the luxury Henzells accommodations also have a gym, enclosed swimming pool, facilities for indoor and outdoor games, washing machine and even enclosed parking.

Comfort and privacy:

If you are looking for a comfortable stay in Caloundra, you may visit some of the popular service apartments, resorts and hotels like the These accommodations are designed to provide you comfort and absolute privacy so that you can enjoy your holiday tour with your family. Before booking the accommodation, you may also go through the terms and conditions of the accommodation.

Relevance of a Room for Conducting Crucial Meetings

Meetings are an important aspect of every corporate and business enterprise. Meetings are held to discuss various issues relating to business policies, market trends, threat from competitors and various other crucial matters. It is natural that such crucial meetings should be held in absolute privacy and free from all types of disturbances. It is for this reason corporate houses and business enterprises prefer to conduct such deliberations in the exclusively designed meeting rooms in Bangkok hotels have for clients. In an article published in the newspaper of Thailand ‘The Nation’ on September 27, 2016, it is said that people spend more than 14 hours in the day travelling in cars or sitting in their work places or attending to meetings.

meeting rooms in bangkok

Congenial Atmosphere

In this complex business world, meetings play a very crucial role for every business enterprise.  In fact, a meeting is the place where the future of the organization is molded, and an effective plan of action is evolved for its implementation. Naturally, these organizations look for popular hotels or resorts where a congenial atmosphere exists for conducting crucial meetings.

Meeting Halls of Varying Sizes

For the benefit of such enterprises, several popular hotels across Thailand have introduced exclusively designed meeting halls. The meeting halls are available in varying capacities. For example, there are meeting halls exclusively designed for a board meeting. Similarly, you also find meeting rooms in Bangkok hotels offer where you can conduct annual general body meeting of shareholders which can accommodate more than 200 to 300 participants. In fact, some of the meeting rooms are as big as more than 15000 square foot!

Every Facility Available

The meeting rooms have every facility like, for example, spacious accommodation en-suite separate room for staff organizing the meeting, exclusive dining hall, stylish décor, elegantly designed stage and comfortable furniture. The meeting halls are designed to allow natural light. If you are conducting the meeting in the evening, never mind, the meeting rooms are also tastefully illuminated, which ensures sufficient light for smooth conduct of the deliberations.

Strategically Located

Many of the hotels and resorts have facilities for conducting more than one meeting at a time. For example, there are hotels having more than ten to eleven meeting halls of varying sizes. In fact, some of the hotels also have ball rooms attached meeting halls. The meeting halls have exclusive entrances so as to ensure privacy. These hotels are located at strategic places like, for example, close to the sea or popular river. You also find hotels located in the heart of the city which can be of convenience to participants attending the meeting.

Other Utilities in the Meeting Rooms

The meeting rooms Bangkok hotels offer can be used not only for meeting but also for various other events like, for example, wedding party, birthday party and so on. The hotel also undertakes to decorate the meeting hall appropriately. In addition to this, the hotel also provides you with exclusively designed catering service. The menu is customized to your specific requirement and budget.

Make a Personal Visit

Before booking the meeting room, you may visit the hotel and personally inspect the room so as to ensure suitability of the accommodation for the meeting or the event. You should also enquire about the type of furniture being provided for the meeting and other utilities like the overhead projector and such other utilities.